Home Monitoring Dashboard Free PSD

The Home Monitoring Dashboard PSD is a free PSD that offers a lot of great little tools in its UI design designed by Samir Alley. Based on a primarily white background, it works in a way where tabs have been designed to hold a number of different displays pertaining to things at home you may want to monitor (hence the name!). This includes your power, water, gas, temperature and local weather. All this is displayed in a clear and concise manner, and the layout is extremely crisp and clean.

Often free PSD templates tend to suffer from being overdone and the visuals can often become cluttered, especially for a template of this type. But the Home Monitoring Dashboard free PSD template manages to incorporate a variety of tabs, coming filled with icons and the necessary graphs and data, and represent it all in a way that is efficient. The layout is mostly white background with black text, however there are little dashes of colour that can be found in the tabs and the icons that add beauty and a little life to the otherwise brutally efficient display panel.